Friday, October 1, 2010

He Cooks, I Eat: Perfect Strawberry and Chocolate Mousse Chocolate Cake

The following is a chocolate cake that my Hubby made for me since I love chocolate quite a lot! 


1.     He used a chocolate cake mix and baked it according to the instructions. 
2.     Then he cut it into layers (I loved this part) and added chocolate mousse. 
3.   Prepare the ganache - my Hubby knows how to make this by heart now since it also works GREAT on brownies or top cupcakes instead of using icing.
Here is a good recipe for it from the Food Network
Basically do a double-boiler for the Ganache. Add the chocolate to the second bowl and add heavy whipping cream as you go.
It makes the chocolate so perfectly creamy! 
4.     Clean, cut/slice strawberries to decorate the cake. 
5.     Do a white chocolate ganache to drizzle the cake. 
6.     Enjoy!  

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