Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Tuna Wraps and Tomato Soup

MMMMmmm! We enjoyed a very healthy, balanced meal at The Chambs' tonight.

Tuna Wraps Ingredients:

Whole wheat tortillas
Solid Tuna
Sliced black olives


  1. Drain the tuna and mix with one tbsp of mayo.
  2. Cut up the onions very small and add it to the tuna mix. 
  3. Place a lettuce leaf in the center of each wrap.
  4. Divide the tuna mixture evenly (in the center of the wrap - in a long strip)
  5. Add black olives
  6. Add the tomatoes
  7. Fold in the wrap at the ends, roll up, and cut in half diagonally. 
  8. Enjoy!!!
Next time I make this wrap, I'll add some pieces of hard-boiled eggs. MMmmmm!!!

Tomato Soup

I used a recipe found at the Reluctant Gourmet

Have a nice evening!

~The Wife 


  1. Hi there, this looks simply scrumptious! Thanks for sharing. Btw, I have an award for you. Please feel free to hop over to collect it. Thank you and hope you're having a wonderful day.
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  2. Looks good. I'll have to try it. Maybe today.

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  3. Yum! I've been craving tomato soup... love the recipes you're sharing.

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