Thursday, September 23, 2010

My Favorite Profiteroles (or Cream Puffs)


This would have to be one of the best dishes my Hubby has made. The pictures are totally making me hungry for them and cannot wait until next week so he can make them again. *hint, hint* 

The recipe was featured by Giada De Laurentiis in the Everyday Italian Show. This dish is called Goat Cheese and Sun Dried Tomato Profiteroles with Herb Oil  which also indicates the names of the ingredients used to make the recipe.  

This was my first time trying goat cheese. The taste is a tad bit strong, but when combined with the tomato and herb oil, it turned out soo good!!! 

Plain Profiteroles - Cream Puffs == very tasty bread!!! 

A close-up of the profiteroles stuffed with goat cheese, sundried tomato with herb oil: 


My Hubby can be so creative in the kitchen that he made a sweet version of the profiteroles. 
He filled them with Chocolate mousse and made a chocolate sauce to put over it.   


Totally irresistible!!!! 

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