Sunday, August 29, 2010

Kitchen Disaster

It's so fun to write about the recipes that work because I love to share them with you so you can try them with your family. But I got to thinking this afternoon and I thought about telling what NOT to try in the kitchen. Yes, yes... I have to admit that I cooked that meal and not my Hubby. And Yes, my Hubby did tell me it was not a very good idea.

What happened? Well, I just had to try what I thought would turn out delicious.

One dish I really like to eat here in the States is Sloppy Joe's. It's tasty and messy :-) I love it! We had a can of Manwich in the cupboard that really needed some attention. In other words, it needed to be prepared. That day we were out of the remaining ingredients needed to make Sloppy Joe's such as buns and ground beef. So  I figured I could make my own version of Sloppy Joe's with a vegetarian twist.

I made some white rice. Once it was cooked, I put it in the pan with the can of Manwich. Oh boy, here is where the trouble began. I mixed it real well until the rice with the sauce were nice and warm. Then I got two bowls and served our meal.

We prayed and I quickly took a bite of my new recipe.

I looked at my Hubby and said "You don't have to eat this. You really don't."

He tried to take a bite and that was it.

Vegetarian Manwich over Rice quickly found itself in a white plastic bag tied tightly.

How did it taste? Like rice with an overpowering taste of tomatoes and sloppy Joe sauce.

Probably some ground beef could've helped save this new dish.

Has anyone made a vegetarian version of Sloppy Joe's? It could be a handy recipe to have around when the ground beef is not available.

Thanks for reading!


  1. There are some sort of "tofu crumbles" you might be able to use. They are meant as a substitute for sausage.

  2. You could try black beans. I actually have a recipe in one of my cookbooks somewhere for a vegetarian sloppy joe. I know for sure it had black beans, but I don't remember what else.