Thursday, November 18, 2010

Christmas Shopping Planning - Printables

(I'll be posting a new recipe tomorrow, now that my Hubby got me a new Crock-Pot! My first one ever!!!!)

Tonight, I want to share two printables with you :-)

  1. The first template is Christmas Gifts Shopping List which can be found here

Can you believe Black Friday is exactly a week from tomorrow? How are you doing with the planning? Have you found some good deals and need to keep track of them? Or are you still debating on what to get for the little ones in your family?

     2. The second template is Christmas Shopping Planner (Children) found here 

I find the latter rather helpful because we have 9 nieces and nephews. They have different ages, likes, and interests. This way, we can go to the store and use this planner as a guide as to what we could get them for Christmas. This planner can also be handy to plan for their Birthday Presents. (or to update it for their birthday). 

Trust you find these helpful as you browse through catalogs, ads, and window shopping. :) 

~ The Wife 


  1. Lucky you! Hope you'll get what you've planned for. I think it's not easy though. So many people rushing for so little stuffs! ^_^ Wish you luck!

  2. awesome ideas! I'm definitely going to check these out! :)

    I cant believe it's already time for Christmas shopping though!